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Since 2019, we've helped Helix Energy Solutions Group navigate global travel challenges, offering flexible flight options and up to 40% savings with our 30 years of offshore booking expertise.

Team Clarity
November 12, 2023
1 Min
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Team Clarity

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Since 2019, we’ve been providing exceptional service to our customer, Helix Energy Solutions Group, by offering flexible flight options and ensuring seamless travel to and from remote global locations at a moment's notice.

Despite facing weather challenges, shifting schedules, and unexpected events, our 30 years of expertise in offshore bookings, strong partnerships with major airlines, and access to marine fares have enabled us to minimise disruptions and offer customers up to 40% savings.

Our ability to navigate the complexities of offshore travel has made us a trusted partner for Helix Energy, delivering reliable and cost-effective travel solutions that support their global operations.


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