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One Global.
Where every journey is personal

Together with World Travel Inc we've created a truly global community that delivers consistency where it matters, with flexibility that's different.

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One Global offers a revolutionary approach to help alleviate the complexities of managing multi-national or global travel programmes.

With 21 community members covering 90 markets worldwide, One Global offers worldwide coverage whilst maintaining a deep-rooted understanding of local markets.
Scale and leverage

$4.5bn of global travel purchasing and 9.2m annual transactions under management.

We have the scale and leverage to create significant negotiating strength, offering our clients great benefits, such as excellent route deals and global hotel programmes.
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Where every journey is personal.

The One Global community has solved some of the biggest challenges that multinational customers typically face - bringing the best in-region Travel Management Companies together using the same technology, sharing knowledge, all in one place.
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Global SLA
Each local market is measured against their standard SLA, ensuring customers always receive a consistent and high standard of service. Local nuances dictate slight variances and specific KPI requirements, which are built into the SLA and global programme.
Strategic Global Account Management
Providing oversight and global program management supported by local account managers who are responsible for the regional operational and day-to-day running of the contract.
Global Contract Management
One multi-national contract encompasses all our partners. As a result, customers receive excellent service in their headquartered market and the same attention to detail, customisation, and service throughout their global footprint.
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Local Market Content
Our One Global community of partners have access to the very best content in each market and region, delivering solutions for air (including NDC), international rail, global accommodation and in-market, global solutions.
Local Market Experience
Our local experts not only understand the nuances of the region and apply local creative ticketing to achieve the best fares; they also provide local travel advice and recommendations as well.
Local Language
Our global community comprises leading, independently owned agencies that are fluent in the local language so that customers feel comfortable engaging with our teams.
Local Currency Billing
Local billing options and invoicing in local currency are always provided and local SLA’s ensure invoice and billing accuracy.
Best In-Market Booking Technology
If preferred, clients have access to best-in-market systems providing local content, local currencies, special rates, and local language, delivered, and supported by the One Global community partners.
Mobile App
The perfect travel companion. Our business traveller-focused app is designed to eliminate time and hassle for travellers, providing itineraries and travel information in the palm of their hand.
Global Profile
A flexible profile management solution that enables a central point for HR feeds across customer markets or profile management via a central location to meet customers’ unique needs.
Consolidated Data
Our in-house data management tool delivers pre trip data, updated every hour, and post trip reports by individual market, region or globally, with 24/7 access for customers, bringing data right to your fingertips when you need it.
One Tracker
Provides global traveller tracking with visibility to your internal teams in relation to current traveller locations, alongside up-coming journeys. If preferred, you can also opt to continue with their own 3rd party tools (e.g. ISOS, Anvil, etc.)