December was our highest Net Promotor Score in 2023

Clarity's year-end results highlight exceptional customer experience, with an NPS of 82 and CSAT of 97% despite travel disruptions.

Team Clarity
January 16, 2024
2 Mins
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Team Clarity

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“After a challenging year full of travel disruption, our year end results show what an amazing job everyone has done.”

That’s the thoughts of Kelly Gormley, Clarity’s Head of Customer Experience, following the release of December’s Customer Experience Results.

Last month’s Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 82 shows an 18-point increase score compared to the previous month and the highest score in the year.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) was maintained at an excellent level of 97%, with Customer Effort (CE) increasing by 3% to 95%.

Kelly added: “December was a quiet month but don’t be fooled into thinking that because clients are not travelling this gives us better scores.

“It can quite possibly be the opposite. It could mean they have more time on their hands so gives them the opportunity to give us that feedback they have been meaning to do, it also means the ones that have been travelling with us through December are happy that they have us there to support them.”

“2024 is going to continue being a busy year but we’re confident we can deliver another amazing performance.”


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