Simplifying travel management for Amey

Amey, a leading infrastructure company, partnered with Clarity to implement a self-service travel booking model, integrating multiple approval levels including executive oversight. With ClarityGo, we streamlined their process, reducing travel spend by £290K and achieving 92% online hotel bookings.

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May 6, 2022
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Amey, a leading infrastructure company, collaborates with over 15 local authorities, including Birmingham, Sheffield, and Staffordshire.

They also partner with major clients such as Highways England, BAA, United Utilities, Network Rail, and the Ministry of Defence. Internationally, Amey works with the Metropolitan Transport Authority in New York and Australia’s Roads and Maritime Services.

Amey implemented a self-service travel booking model that required approval for all bookings, with air travel bookings specifically requiring authorisation from an Executive Director. This necessitated a system that accommodated multiple approvers to ensure continuity even in the absence of the primary approver. Certain projects allowed travel administrators to book travel without prior authorisation, provided they were booking on behalf of others.

At Clarity, our booking platform ClarityGo is an indispensable tool designed with the traveller in mind. It offers a seamless, intuitive, one-stop solution for all booking needs. The interface includes advanced features such as a stored list of authorised approvers, the ability to select an authoriser from a drop-down menu, automated authorisation request handoffs, and fields to specify the reasons for booking travel.


·        Reduced overall travel spend by £290K in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.

·        Decreased hotel spend by 9% year-on-year.

·        Designated 220 hotels as preferred accommodation options.

·        Achieved 92% of all hotel bookings made online.

·        Realised an online booking fee saving of£18,304.

By leveraging ClarityGo, Amey streamlined their travel booking process, significantly reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Our solution provided a robust framework for authorisation and booking management, demonstrating the value of innovative travel management tools in supporting large-scale organisational projects.

“Clarity are a progressive organisation who have accommodated and adapted to the majority of our business needs.”

Robert Curley, Principal Business Improvement Manager Amey


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