Data trailblazers contribute to apprenticeship course content

Lone Konradsen, Clarity's Head of Customer Insight is helping to develop the next generation of data specialists in the business travel industry, working with the Trailblazer Group.

Team Clarity
May 10, 2024
2 Min
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Team Clarity

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Our queen of data, Lone Konradsen (Head of Customer Insight) is helping to develop the next generation of data specialists in the business travel industry.

Working with a Trailblazer Group to evaluate the standard and make recommendations on how it can be evolved to meet the needs of this constantly evolving subject area, and as a previous Data Technician graduate, Lone is the only apprentice currently involved with the Trailblazer Group tasked with ensuring the Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship is fit for future cohorts. The group also comprises representatives from different employers, apprenticeship providers and assessment agencies to ensure there is a balanced representation and views.

The group is seeking input and suggestions from past and current apprentices, and has created a survey in collaboration with IfATE to collect responses from apprentices on what went well, what was a challenge and other areas that should be considered for inclusion in the standard.

The Trailblazer Group will continue working over the coming months, breaking-out into specialist workstreams to focus on specific areas, like funding, KSBs (knowledge, skills, behaviours), as well as end point assessment methods that are relevant to the individuals of the group.

It is a great initiative to get involved and be part of. It's a forum that future students can benefit from, and where I can share my experience, having also completed the apprenticeship myself.

Said Lone Konradsen.


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