Savings and programme improvements with KCS public sector framework

We delivered quick, cost-effective solutions that saved £7.5k annually and improved programme efficiency within weeks through the KCS public sector framework.

Team Clarity
May 9, 2023
4 Mins
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Team Clarity

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A public sector healthcare provider faced a travel booking challenge that required quick, cost-effective, and compliant solutions.

In need of savings and improvements in their travel programme, they turned to us for support, leveraging our history of successful partnerships dating back to 2013.

After their existing framework expired, the provider needed a new approach that would streamline processes, save money, and centralise technology. We offered a public sector framework that enabled them to begin booking with us within weeks. By being part of various public sector frameworks, we were able to cater to the provider's unique needs.

Our partnership centred on the KCS Procurement Services framework, offering the right commercial fit and an annual fee savings of £7.5k. In just eight weeks, the provider could start booking and managing travel and meetings efficiently.

In comparison to our previous booking portal, Connect is far more user friendly, reliable and easier to navigate. The training provided by Molly was very comprehensive and I was able to double check how to perform a specific action by referring to the online tutorial. The booking process itself was quick with no issues. I particularly found the green faces (in policy booking) and option to email multiple quotes to another member of staff very useful.

Procurement Manager

Our booking tool unified the booking experience, allowing users to book, manage, and report on travel and meetings from one platform. Our teams collaborated closely with the customer's Procurement Manager to introduce automated approval processes using our technology.

We provided comprehensive Management Information reports, delivering in-depth insights into over-policy spend, CO2 emissions, and detailed booking reports. This data supported the provider's CSR objectives and offered a clear picture of spending.

Our smooth and efficient approach led to a seamless implementation, meeting our standards and achieving handover to day-to-day Account Management within the targeted 2-week window after launch. The customer praised the quality of our partnership and how swiftly we transitioned into ongoing operations. This collaboration demonstrated our ability to deliver the perfect fit for the provider's needs and objectives.

Your management of the project has been faultless. You ensured that all aspects of the implementation were efficiently covered and captured in a clear and concise manner that we understood. The planned Go Live date was a success and your training sessions for our users were comprehensive. The resources available within Education Hub are invaluable. We value your thorough reporting feedback and additional offers of support to our users. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to reflect on processes that were in place and working with us to make changes where necessary. We look forward to working with Clarity over the coming years.

Procurement Manager


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