Implementing a one-stop-shop TMC

In the dynamic world of retail, where agility and cost-efficiency are paramount, our leading fashion and home retail customer, sought a solution to streamline their travel management processes.

Team Clarity
October 5, 2023
2 Mins
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Team Clarity

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Despite having an internal travel team, inconsistencies in bookings, invoicing discrepancies, and concerns over duty of care prompted them to seek a reliable Travel Management Company (TMC).

Enter Clarity, offering a fully transparent, one-stop-shop solution for all their travel needs. The impact was immediate and impressive:

  • Over the course of just three months, Matalan achieved savings exceeding £19,000 on flights alone.
  • The implementation of our rail programme and saving initiatives resulted in a substantial £10,500 saving within the first 12 months.
  • Further demonstrating our commitment to delivering value, we secured an additional £5,000 in savings on hotel expenditures over a six-month period.

Our success underscores our expertise in the retail sector, where global networks of stores and franchises demand efficient travel solutions. Leveraging our in-house suite of corporate travel technology, we analyse qualitative data to pinpoint areas for cost savings and optimisation in the booking process.

With Clarity by their side, our customer not only achieved significant cost reductions but also gained peace of mind knowing their travel management was in capable hands. As they continue to expand their footprint, our tailored solutions will ensure they navigate the complexities of travel with ease, leaving them free to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional products and experiences to their customers worldwide.

  • Over a 3-month period, Matalan saved over £19,000 on flights
  • Our rail programme and saving initiatives secured a £10,500 saving in the first12 months
  • We saved a further £5,000 over a 6-month period on hotel spend


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