Elevating L&G's travel experience with premium service

During the pandemic, Legal & General recognised the need for a Premium Service offering to provide personalised, high-touch travel booking for their Executive Board.

Team Clarity
December 11, 2023
2 Mins
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Team Clarity

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During the pandemic, Legal & General’s Procurement Manager identified the need for a Premium Service for the Executive Board members.

In collaboration with L&G’s Account Manager, Clarity introduced a tailored service for senior-level employees and VIP travellers, ensuring seamless offline booking and efficient, quick-turnaround service.

The project began with a scoping meeting with key L&G stakeholders and was led by an experienced Implementation Manager. Bi-weekly meetings were held to plan and set up the service, including a communications campaign to introduce the Premium Service.

Feedback from the pilot group allowed us to fine-tune our offering before launching the service to the full Executive team. We created personalised profiles for each of the 15 Executive Board members, capturing their travel preferences for a customised experience.

The new Premium Service provided peace of mind by offering specialised, high-touch support for VIP travellers, from booking to arrival. As the service evolved to meet customer needs, relationships with L&G’s Executive bookers grew stronger, reinforcing the success of our partnership.

“You guys were so quick and proactively off the mark and within an hour I had all the information I needed and felt comfortable with your team managing this issue. This is compared to our Global TMC who had not even replied to me after 72 hours following the incident.”

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