DHL preferred accommodation programme

Discover how our innovative approach to renegotiating DP DHL’s preferred accommodation programme not only delivered exceptional savings but also ensured the best value for their travellers, setting a new standard for partnership success.

Team Clarity
January 9, 2023
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Team Clarity

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Deutsche Post DHL Group, a global leader in package delivery and supply chain management, entrusted us with managing their business travel and accommodation needs for over two decades.

Amidst the pandemic's challenges, we collaborated closely with DP DHL UK to renegotiate their preferred accommodation programme, focusing on efficiency and savings. Despite low business volumes and pandemic-related price increases, our strategic approach involved early engagement with both DP DHL and hotel partners. By fostering productive discussions and joint understanding, we secured minimal rate increases from key providers like Jurys and Hilton hotels.

Leveraging our expertise, we undertook a four-stage process, including diagnostic benchmarking, strategic sourcing, category management, and behavioural change initiatives. This comprehensive approach resulted in an enhanced and optimised accommodation programme, delivering exceptional savings of 26% against DP DHL's 2022/2023 preferred programme.

By mitigating cost increases and introducing alternative options like aparthotels, we ensured DP DHL's travellers received the best value while maintaining quality and compliance. Our success not only exceeded expectations but also showcased our commitment to delivering tangible benefits to our partners, even in challenging times.

  • Savings delivered - £301,000     over the 12-month programme.
  • Programme negotiation increase –     6 days
  • Savings per night – 8 months
  • Savings against preferred     programme – 26%
“This is really great work and I had expected a much higher increase than you have achieved.”

‍Indirect Procurement Manager, DP DHLUK


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