Portman Staff and Destination Features

Brian Morrison - Aberdeen Business Travel Consultant

Brian started working in the travel industry directly from school in 1974, and now he is celebrating 40 years in the travel industry, more than half of this time at Portman spread over two spells. Brian started as junior in AT Mays in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, which for any junior at this time involved stamping holiday brochures, but soon worked his way up to the role of assistant manager in 1977 and manager in 1978. In January 1981 AT Mays offered Brian the opportunity to relocate to Aberdeen to head up a new business travel department dealing with mainly offshore and marine related companies.
Brian worked for some other travel management companies specialising in looking after the travel requirement for companies in the marine and offshore sector, before joining Blenheim Travel who were bought by Portman in 1991.
Brian has been back at Portman for nearly a decade and in that period has worked tirelessly to meet customer expectations, support colleagues with his vast knowledge and he played a pivotal role when the Aberdeen branch won the Branch of the Year at the 2013 Portman Awards.

Destination Champions: Rotterdam, Karishma Ramdat (Amsterdam office)

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands with the largest Port in Europe. Therefore Rotterdam has always been one of the main centres for the shipping industry in the Netherlands, besides this, Rotterdam is known for its down to earth, hardworking, multi-cultural people. Rotterdam-The Hague Airport is a regional airport with regular flights to London and Munich.

Wherever you need to be in Rotterdam, the quickest (not the cheapest) route to get there will be by taxi or hire car. Taxis are outside the terminal building and as long as they have a blue number plate and a taxi sign preferably RTC (Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale) you are safe to get in and you know the quickest route will be taken.  Avis is represented in the departure lounge for you to hire a car. Due to Rotterdam Airport’s size, car parking is available right in front of the terminal building.

An alternative is to travel to Amsterdam Airport, which considerably increases your journey time, a car journey can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and half due to traffic on the A4 motorway. Therefore a taxi is not recommended to use, unless it is pre-booked. Car hire is again widely available. Trains run very often from Schiphol to Rotterdam Centraal Station with trains every 15-20 minutes, including High Speed trains for which a supplement has to be paid.

 If you have any free time, why not visit the Market hall in the city centre? This impressive work of architecture is an Open Market selling fresh food and flowers and has apartments built around it! Why not visit the Maritiem Museum which is a short walk from the city hall, where the history of the Holland America Line is explained. A visit to Hotel New York shouldn’t be missed as this hotel is based in the old Head Quarters of the HAL and has been a National Heritage site since 2008.