Client Guides for the Portman Trip Planner

A Guide to install and register the Portman App on your smartphone - click here to download a PDF

A full Portman Trip Planner Guide - How to use the email itinerary, interactive web and Portman App.

Step 1

Download the app from your Smartphone store. In the search function, please enter "Portman Trip Planner" and install.


Step 2

Register - Before you access the Portman App you will need to go through an initial set up. Please click the green "Register" button to do this.


Step 3

Sign Up - This requires an email address. Please ensure you use the same email address as in your Portman profile.


Step 4

Email Verification - You will receive an email verifying the password you have chosen to keep for your records. Please activate your account by clicking on the link in the email received.


Step 5

A notification will appear successfully stating your account has been activated.


Step 6

You can now view and access your trips. Why not take a tour to find out what the Portman App can do!