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PortmanOne Online

Best choice of fares and rates, fast access to the richest global content and the most efficient turnaround times possible. PortmanOne online, our new online booking tool using innovative propriety software is the market leader in tailormade business travel technology.

Unique Air Content
  • Access to Portman's trusted global fares market
  • Intelligent, branded flight class fares display
  • Widest range of global low cost carriers and ancillary content
  • Ability to combine low cost and scheduled flights in the same booking
Hotel Booking features
  • Over 250,000 GDS and non GDS hotels including EAN Expedia and HRS content
  • Access to Portman and Radius global hotel content
  • Multiple booking options - able to book up to 5 hotel rooms at the same time
  • Unlimited rate loading
Value for money
Value Guaranteed
  • Every possible saving is always found
  • 100% check of the Portman Global market
  • Creative flight searches for optimal savings
  • Multiple hotel content sources for the best rate availabilty
Unique Features
  • Live chat
  • Offline bookings displayed online - all in one system
  • Joy factor management - your travel, your way
  • Multi award winning technology
Total trip management
Total Trip Management
  • From home to destination and back again
  • Content to meet all your needs
  • Fully integrated UK Rail
  • Integrated Heathrow Express and ground transportation content
Compliance made easier
  • Most effective policy and programme management
  • One system approval process
  • Versatile travel policy options
  • Intelligent trip approval process
Speedy turnaround
Speedy turn-around
  • Fast itinerary construction
  • Fast quote construction
  • Fast in-system approval process
  • Email reminder for on hold bookings
And more
All this and more
  • Custom client fields
  • Synchronised on system profile management
  • Easy integration with Portman's product range
  • Visibility of all travellers booking
  • Quick trip booking options and more