CTP Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find answers to questions we're currently being asked about the Clarity Trip Planner.
What is Clarity Trip Planner (CTP)?
The Clarity Trip Planner is our new, market-leading, innovative itinerary management and mobile solution that delivers an interactive itinerary e-confirmation and a personalised trip planner directly to the traveller. This dynamic service replaces the traditional, text-based agent email itineraries.

Automatically generated at the time of booking, this unique, new web-powered product offers valuable travel and destination information and travel services, which brings user control and travel content together in a single solution.

Combining our leading-edge technology and our expertise in travel management, the CTP offers all your key travel information alongside an array of useful tools accessible by any mobile device with internet connection - so you have access wherever and whenever.
Who are Mantic Point?
Clarity Trip Planner is powered by the travel technology of our software partner, Mantic Point. Clarity works with Mantic Point to continually develop and enhance the to our travellers' benefit. Please note: client data and the CTP itself is managed in-house by Clarity.
How does it work?
Once a booking has been made you will receive your personalised CTP confirmation email. Combining our leading-edge technology and our expertise in travel management, the CTP is accessible through any mobile device with  internet connection - so you have access wherever and whenever you want it. CTP also gives you a handy print version of your itinerary.
Can I use the Clarity Trip Planner with my mobile phone?
Yes. The Clarity Trip Planner is accessible through any mobile device on which you are able to access your emails. You can also download the Clarity App straight to your smartphone.
Can anyone sign up to the app?
Yes, anyone can download the app on their smartphone via the app store.
Can I synchronise my Clarity Trip Planner email with Outlook?
Yes. When you have received your itinerary email, click on the 'Calendar' icon at the top. Please note, if you use Internet Explorer, the calendar synchronise feature does not operate from the confirmation email, but is loaded when you click on 'Calendar' on your CTP web browser page. From all other browsers, such as FireFox and Chrome, you can synchronise with Outlook from your email. Please ensure pop-up blockers are turned off.
Can the CTP be customised?
We're committed to empowering travellers and as part of this, we are pleased to offer our clients free access to our unique e-confirmation product. The standard CTP is free, however, we can personalise the system to include your company's branding and messages whether these are compliance, preferred partners, travel policy, alerts or general company and product information. Please contact your account manager for more information.
What happens if my itinerary is incorrect?
Please contact your branch immediately. Please click here for our contact details if you do not have your branch details to hand.
What happens if I cannot access my Clarity Trip Planner?
If you are having difficulty accessing your Clarity Trip Planner email or itinerary details on a browser, please contact your nominated branch and they will respond as quickly as possible.

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