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Is happiness just an illusion?
is happiness just an illusion
Bridging the gap between policy and preferenceThe world is changing at a breakneck pace. A new generation has joined the workforce and brought with them challenges to the system and a new way of doing things. One of the most impactful changes is the focus on individual happiness. There is a new era of the discerning employee searching for the ever elusive nirvana of work/life balance.Where does travel fit in to this? “Employee wellbeing has always been a focus for businesses and travel ma
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The relationship between travellers and technology
traveller and technology
Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the relationship between travellers and technology. Booking tools, tracking devices, security alerts, how are we using technology at the moment and how does it impact on a traveller?  With the introduction of new GDPR regulations earlier this year, traveller and employee data came under scrutiny, especially when in relation to safety and employer responsibility. Our second episode of Clarity presents discussed the challenge companies
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Absolute Clarity: The one with Virgin Atlantic
Absolute Clarity Season Two Virgin Atlantic
Have you been keeping up with season two? Episode three went live today and we welcome Rami El Dashan and Mark Croucher from Virgin Atlantic to wax lyrical about all the work that goes on behind the scenes at Virgin. From their exceptional levels of customer service to their desire to partner with small independent businesses, we ask the questions to truly understand what makes them tick. Listen out for some inside information on their relationship with Delta and the recent Air Fr
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Best travel apps for business travellers
Risk management
As part of our Hearts & Minds campaign, we’ve been looking at how we can take a more traveller centric approach to business travel, without impacting an organisations profit and productivity. This month we’ve been focusing on the relationship between travellers and technology. We’ve discussed traveller tracking on both our video and podcast features, but what areas of technology are travellers really interested in?  Nearly 75% of business travellers use their smartphone f
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Traveller Satisfaction VS Latest Technology
Traveller satisfaction vs latest technology Clarity travel
Do you prefer to book your travel online?Or have a travel agent or booker take care of it all?Do you think personalised travel using AI is a positive thing? The balance between human interaction and the use of technology is a tricky one and one that many industries are battling at the moment, including the world of business travel. As part of our Hearts & Minds campaign, we are keen to look at the relationship between Travellers & Technology and see how we can bring the two together
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Clarity Presents: Hearts & Minds, Episode 2
Hearts and Minds Episode 2 Clarity presents 1
At the end of last month, we announced the launch of our new video series, Clarity Presents. Host Alexandra Kington welcomed Clarity CEO Pat McDonagh to discuss the new Heart & Minds manifesto, a challenge to the procurement community to take a more traveller centric approach.  In Episode 2, we welcome Clarity's Product Development Manager, Will Murray to discuss the next topic in the Hearts & Minds season; the relationship between traveller and technology.  How can technolog
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Absolute Clarity: A bus crashes in Spain...
Absolute Clarity Season Two Episode 2
It's already been two weeks since we launched the new season of Absolute Clarity and we have a new episode to share. Episode two welcomes back Will Murray, Product Manager for Clarity and Ben Cooper from Travel Risk Media to discuss all things traveller risk and safety.  From the dangers of drug cartels to terrorist attacks, global travel brings with it a number of risks, but how effectively could your company handle things if their employees were located somewhere close
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Simplifying mileage for everyone
Simplifying mileage expenses Traveller and Technology
Your employees are busy. Your managers are busy too. Neither has time amongst the jam-packed calendar of a typical working week to review the minute details of your travel and expense policy. Whether they’re just submitting expenses, or reviewing expense claims for others, they simply don’t have time to spare. If you’re still using a manual or paper-based system, the process is even more time-consuming. Even when expenses are submitted and approved, your finance team can be wasting va
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Absolute Clarity: Season Two
Absolute Clarity Season Two Procurement
Bigger, better and brighter… get ready for Absolute Clarity season two  The number one business travel management podcast is back for its second season and we’re bringing some incredible guests along for the ride.  Following on from our successful first season, the host with the most, Kyle Daniels is back behind the mic to bring you a plethora of travel topics you need to know about and he’s not alone.  This season, we’ve got some of the biggest names i
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Clarity signs up to the Mindful Employee Charter
mindful employee charter
At Clarity, we are committed to the recruitment and retention of employees and as part of that commitment we have joined a wide range of employers from all over the UK and signed up to the Mindful Employer Charter.  The Charter for Employers who are Positive about Mental Health is a voluntary agreement seeking to support employers in working within the spirit of its positive approach. The Charter is one element of the MINDFUL EMPLOYER® initiative which is aimed at increasing awar
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