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Business Travel Trends 2018: The ones to watch

Business Travel Trends 2018 ones to watch

Last week we shone a spotlight on what lies ahead for Clarity in 2018. A couple of weeks into the new year, we thought this was a good opportunity to look at some of the upcoming innovations and news stories that have caught our eye in the wider business travel community:

Driverless cars are here for the long haul 

No longer a concept of the future, with numerous companies such as Tesla, GM, Ford and Lyft already testing autonomous vehicles on public roads. The 2017 autumn budget saw Chancellor Philip Hammond pledging to contribute millions with the expectation of seeing driverless cars on the road by 2021, sending a clear message that they are here to stay. Could we see a pre-booked driverless taxi offering a point-to-point service by as early as the end of the year? 

Elon Musk’s plan to change planetary travel

Buying Business Travel Magazine mentioned SpaceX in their 2018 hotlist, drawn in by Elon Musk’s proposal to use rockets in commercial travel, boasting the idea of being able travel anywhere in the world in under an hour. SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to enable people to live on other planets. But if the technology is successful, we could see it benefitting our travel habits here on earth at affordable prices. 

AI, the next big technology boom 

Last year Artificial Intelligence (AI) became a popular talking point for CEO’s throughout the business world. Most clients are connected to devices churning out data that can be transformed into intelligence. We mentioned in our projections that data will be a key tool for us in travel management, helping us to gain insights into traveller behaviour and utilising the results to generate savings. The advancement of AI is expected to boom over the next twelve months, as the industry picks up on the hype from last year and turns it into a reality. 

The world’s most revolutionary train service

Virgin groups investment in this project could revolutionise the way we travel cross country, as they continue development of this all-electric sustainable ‘pod’ network. The system has the potential to transport passengers from London to Edinburgh in 50 minutes. With full backing from Branson, there are teams in the Middle East, Europe, India, Canada and the US working to shape this cutting-edge engineering idea into a commercial service. 

Spotlight on safety

If last year taught us anything, it is that we are currently living in a world of geopolitical unrest. Duty of care has been a hot topic for a few years now and will continue to be of paramount importance to employers, travellers and corporate travel companies as we head into 2018. Safety will also be sought when looking at cybersecurity, especially for business travellers as most employees will be on the move with sensitive data in tow. 

Business Traveller Apps

Influenced by the advancement in AI we mentioned above, apps are fast becoming essential tools to ensure a smooth and successful business trip. From flight trackers to live market currency converters, every step of the journey is being researched and flagged by app creators worldwide. With social networking playing a big part in traveller experience, this will be the main topic of interest for the year ahead, as providers look to create software that will connect professionals on the move for business and social purposes.