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Top 5 Packing Tips

packing tips

At our 2017 Client Conference we welcomed Gate 8 to our stage to discuss the importance of good quality travel gear for frequent travellers. And again, on our latest podcast we welcomed the Directors from Manchester based travel case and accessory provider KitKase to discuss how they have managed to utilise cases to raise brand awareness. 

We know how important a sturdy, functional suitcase can be, but when you’re constantly on the go it’s what you put in it that counts. We decided to compile a short list of some our top packing tips:

1. Don’t fold your clothes 

Nowadays many travel experts advise that rolling your clothes is definitely superior to folding. Tightly rolled clothes not only take up less space but are much less prone to forming deep wrinkles from fold creases. 

Historically the downside to rolling clothes was mainly that sometimes it was harder to unpack or distinguish what’s what when time is limited, but this issue can now be put to rest with the use of packing cubes. 

Usually sold as a set, packing cubes make great travel companions. With a variety of sizes available it’s the perfect accessory to help organise your clothes and keep everything neat, tidy and readily available in your case. It also means for those longer trips, you can simply slide the cubes into drawers, leaving them open for easy access. 

2. Make a packing list

Even frequent travellers may find themselves in need of a good list. Depending on the length of your journey, creating a packing list is a fool-proof way to ensure that you never forget those essential items. 

Wunderlist is a free app on both Android and Apple and is the perfect companion for list-loving travellers. If there are a few of you travelling, you can share lists - which are synced live so as soon as a member of the team ticks off something they’ve packed it automatically updates the rest of the group. Helpful if travelling to events and you are sharing the luggage load. 

It also has the ability to replicate past lists, so if you are a frequent traveller you can create a general catalogue of things you require and simply duplicate it the next time you need to travel. 

3. Wear Layers. Pack layers. 

Our number one tip for long haul travel was to dress for comfort. Choose clothes that will help you relax and wear several loose layers to adjust to varying temperatures. It’s always best to remember this tip when packing. When travelling often, sometimes it’s hard to predict what you might be facing weather wise. Packing layers will help you prepare for every eventuality and adjust to multiple climates whilst retaining style and comfort. 

Some airport security organisations have also advised travellers to pack in layers to allow for easy screening. For example, pack shoes in one layer, clothes in another and electronics altogether. It allows security to screen clearly and reduces the need to check your luggage further. 

 4. Keep essential items close

This tip all depends on what airline you are flying with. If the airline allows, it’s advisable to keep all essential items such as laptops and tablets with you in your hand luggage. When travelling for business there’s nothing worse than arriving without what you need and although it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) happen often, hold luggage can end up elsewhere. Passports, ID cards, jewellery… any other valuables are best kept somewhere you can keep an eye on. 

5. Stay fresh

If you’ve been travelling for some time it can be hard to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Easily fixed, try slipping a fabric conditioner sheet or drawer liner into your suitcase. Regardless of how long your trip is, it’ll keep your clothes smelling sweet throughout your journey. 

Few bonus tips on avoiding excess baggage charges:

1. Know your airline's baggage-fee policy

This may seem incredibly obvious but it’s surprising how many travellers assume all airlines have the same baggage policies. Make sure you are aware of your limits before travelling to the airport. Investing in a lightweight suitcase can really help long term - especially when every kilogram counts if you’re flying short haul domestic. 

Many airlines have frequent flyer programs you can sign up to for free. A lot of people who aren’t loyal to one carrier tend to shy away from them, however some will offer fantastic perks, such as increased baggage allowance, even if you only do a couple of trips. 

2. Weigh your luggage at home

Again, not the most innovative ideas but investing in decent luggage scales can save you a lot of time and stress. There are some fantastic ones on the market, many that are travel friendly and are designed to work with any size bag. 

It’s also important to note that health and safety regulations only allow a bag to weigh up to 23kg. Anything over, even if you have the baggage allowance, will not be accepted.

What are your top packing tips? Do you have any must have products when travelling?