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Top 10 travel product must haves

travel product must haves

Business travel can be a tricky business, travelling from hotel to hotel, living out of suitcases. We recently published a guide with our top five packing tips, but when you’re constantly on the go what are the essentials you can’t travel without? What products are worth investing in for regular travellers? 


We’ve collated our top 10 travel product must-haves for business travellers:  



Battery pack


For anyone travelling who relies on technology, a battery pack is a handy product to carry around. External battery chargers vary in size from small power banks that can attach to keyrings to more expensive and slightly larger models that can power multiple devices including laptops. 



Plug adaptor " with usb ports


Battery packs are handy for travellers on the go, however there will still be moments when you’ll probably need to use the traditional plug in wall method in your hotel room. Finding one that not only works in multiple destinations but also includes USB ports will help you lighten the load of your suitcase. 



Quality headphones


There may be times when you’re travelling where you need to shut out the background noise and just crack on with work, relax with your own music or perhaps check out the new Absolute Clarity podcast? For these moments, investing in a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones is definitely worth its weight in gold. 



Clear toiletry bag


Travelling through numerous airports, those disposable plastic bags can start to get tatty and weak and of course they’re not great for the environment either. Plenty of stores sell clear plastic toiletry bags which are security check compliant (TSA-approved) and sturdy enough to withstand regular travel. 



The right carry on 


Personal preference plays a big part of this, but finding the right carry is essential. Duffel bags may fit more in, but constantly carrying bags on one shoulder can cause back aches and affect your posture. Wheeled suitcases are the most popular travel bag choice, but there are many companies out there that now provide baggage designed specifically for business travellers. Take time to do some research and find a size and material that suits your travel policy and style. 

6. Wrinkle releaser

Many hotels ensure ironing boards and irons are available within bedrooms, but what about those times when you need to run straight to a meeting? Well for those on-the-go fixes carry a wrinkle release spray. Most are available in small 90ml bottles so are suitable for carrying in hand luggage. As well as smoothing out creases, it’ll give your clothing a light fresh scent too.

7. Packing cubes



In our packing guide, we mentioned packing cubes as a great travel companion. And we’re sticking by that statement. They’re a fantastic way to keep your clothing organised, saving you time by keeping them neat and organised. And for those long-term hotel stays, they can slip right into a drawer.


8. Stain removing pen


We’ve all had those moments. Those accidental spills during turbulence, leaked pen in your trouser pocket or that sandwich filling didn’t quite stay inside the sandwich. Stain removing pens are perfect travel companions, especially if you’re hoping to impress at your next meeting. 


9. Document organiser


This isn’t a revolutionary product, but it’s a handy one. Travel document organisers have been around for a long time and are designed to keep all your paperwork and secure ID’s ready and accessible whilst you travel through the airport. A lot of this can now be done online via apps, so companies have very much evolved to make these organisers multi-functional " pockets to hold kindles, earphones, glasses etc. All the items you might need on a plane or a train in one folder.


10. Personal Wi-Fi hotspot


Mobile phones now allow us to share our data with other electronic devices. But what if you are in a country where your phone doesn’t have global roaming available? You never have to be without web connection if you travel with your very own personal router. Allowing you the ability to latch on to the Wi-Fi wherever you are from a device that can fit into a pocket. 





What are your travel product must haves?