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The future of robotics and AI in the travel industry

absolute clarity robotics and ai

We are very excited to present to you the season finale of our business travel podcast Absolute Clarity. 

It's been an incredible journey to get to episode 10 (technically 11 if you count the bonus episode!) and we couldn't have done it without our listeners, so thank you.

In this episode, our host Kyle Daniels invites three returning Clarity guests into the studio to talk about the world of robotics and AI.

Clarity's CEO Pat McDonagh, Head of MI Darren Williams and Product Manager Will Murray, discuss:

* Darren's recent speaking engagement at ITM (You can read about that right here)

* The role robotics and AI will play in the future of travel

* The recent Google I/O conference and driverless tech

* How Clarity are integrating AI into their upcoming product releases.

In our final first, best and worst travel segment of the season, Pat reveals the role a one eyed cat played in his career and why he's not a fan of 18-30 holidays...

And that's not all, as the episode is all about robotics, Kyle asks the guests for their favourite robots from the big screen, with surprising results!

That’s it for this season. Of course, if you’ve missed any episodes make sure you listen back and catch up so you’re up to date before our next exciting season launches this autumn.

If you’d like to be one of the first to know when the new episodes are out, make sure you hit subscribe on your podcast channel. Or alternatively sign up for the Clarity monthly newsletter for all the latest news. 

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