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Qantas showcase new inflight menu to reduce jetlag on long haul flights

Qantas showcase new inflight menu
Earlier this week, Qantas launched the first non-stop flight from the UK to Australia, facilitated by the fuel-efficient Dreamliner aircraft. Known as the Kangaroo Route, Qantas will fly from London to Perth with a total trip time of 17 hours, making it the longest Dreamliner flight in the world. 

We recently shared our top travel tips for long haul journeys and choosing the right food and drink could heavily influence your flight experience. With that in mind, Qantas have been working with University researchers to develop the perfect in-flight dining menu for their customers. 

Healthy poke bowls and a herbal tea are among the new dining choices on Qantas’ new 787 Dreamliner Perth to London menus to increase hydration and help reduce jetlag.

The airline’s Creative Director of Food, Beverage & Service, Neil Perry, said the new menus combined research from the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre with in-house experience of the Qantas and Rockpool teams to create dishes that encourage sleep at optimal times during the flight.

“Working with clinical sleep specialists, nutritionists and metabolic scientists, we’ve designed new menu options using delicious ingredients that have added benefits of hydration, aiding sleep and reducing jetlag,” said Mr Perry.

Professor Stephen Simpson, Academic Director of the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre, said the new menu utilises the latest scientific knowledge on nutrition and hydration. Some of the highlights of the new inflight menu across the various cabins include: 

  • Probiotic Bc30 infused botanica cold pressed juice shots
  • A bespoke herbal tea, which encourages relaxation developed especially for Qantas by Dilmah, made from lemon verbena chamomile and lemongrass
  • Dishes which feature ingredients that promote hydration such as green leafy vegetables, cucumber, strawberries and celery
  • Tailoring specific ingredients (such as chilli) to particular times of the day
  • Lighter meal options (e.g. tuna poke salad bowl)
  • A hot chocolate bedtime drink with the combination of warm milk and chocolate containing the sleep inducing amino acid Tryptophan to help prompt the body’s sleep cycle
  • Organic kombucha by Remedy: a live cultured, sparkling drink full of natural probiotics that assist with digestion.

Using wearable technology and apps to collect data, the next step in research will involve trials with Frequent Flyers to gain insight on sleeping and activity patterns, mental state, eating patterns and hydration before, during and after their long haul flight. 

What does this mean for business travellers? 

Our report, ‘Planes, Trains and Marginal Gains’, focused our attention onto the small nudges in behaviour businesses can make to improve profitability. One of those objectives was to improve the traveller experience in positive ways to increase the chances of success. 

This could include giving travellers greater choice, finding ways to allow them to get an upgraded experience, real or perceived, and reducing their stress in order to improve their overall effectiveness and health. Changes to benefit the well-being of travellers on long haul journeys such as this, are great examples of areas in which businesses can potentially benefit from an enhanced business travel experience, without incurring any additional costs.