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Portman Clarity to go forward as Clarity

Portman Clarity, the eighth largest TMC in the UK with turnover in excess of £400m, is to be known as Clarity from May 2017.

The identity has been adopted following an in-depth review into the brand strengths of both businesses, following their merger in November.

The Clarity brand has enjoyed great success and recognition across the industry through investment in technology, innovation and a modern, fresh approach to doing business.

However, this is not the end for the Portman name, which has been in the travel industry since 1959. Its associations with experience, heritage and tradition will see it replace the parent company formerly known as Mawasem Travel and Tourism and enter a new era as Portman Travel Group.

Going forward, Clarity will continue to invest in its foundations - employing and training the best people and developing the best technology, in its mission to deliver on three ‘pillars’ to its clients: quality, efficiency and security.

Following a technology review, Clarity is unveiling its market-leading Go2 suite of products to clients. The suite includes Go2Book, the market leading online booking tool, Go2Mobile incorporating the Clarity App and Go2Insight, the data analytics product.

Clarity’s duty of care product range, Go2Assist, will now include a new version of Go2Track, based on the Portman SafeTrack tiered product offering.

Pat McDonagh, CEO of Clarity, comments: “Today marks the dawn of our future - a future in which we pioneer a brighter approach to business travel. Our TMC stands apart thanks to our ambitious, fearless and focused approach in which we are committed to finding the most innovative way to do global business travel.”