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Meet the Team

What does your job entail?

I look after the bigger scale events - my colleagues and I deal with the more complex conferences with higher number of delegates.

What is your background?

I have been in this job for three years now. Before I was a retail manager of a large travel company where the level of responsibility was also high.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I'm working on a 2 day overseas conference for about 300 attendees. It's everything from organising an early registration system to hiring the entertainers. We will have a registration desk set up so we can personally welcome everyone. This is followed by a welcome reception with canapés we've organised and then as part of the conference itself, there are a lot of breakout rooms required. We've got six coaches to take the delegates for a sit down gala dinner in the evening for which we've booked bands, DJs, gambling tables and the three-course meal itself.

How hands on are you?

I am very hands on as I believe you have to see where you are holding the event in order to give your client your best service. We started planning this particular events in May last year. We researched places and narrowed it down to three cities and the client chose Budapest. I was there with the client in September booking venues and doing wine and food tasting, trying different champagne and canapés and booking the AV side. We did look at more typical destinations like Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris etc. but decided on Budapest. Eastern Europe is cheaper so works out better for budgeting and Budapest is a stunning and cultural rich city.

We give clients our top three choices of venues in a city and they decide with our guidance. A lot often comes down to simple needs, such as the number of break out rooms required; that can narrow the choice.

What is the most fun aspect of your job?

I like to be hands on, so I like going on site visits and obviously the food and wine tastings are nice!

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

Working with often very tight deadlines. There's obviously a lot of pressure because everything has to go back to the client to be approved and to suppliers the other end. The workload is high as well; I'm helping run some smaller events at the same time as big ones.

What are the up-and-coming conference destinations clients should be considering?

Somewhere like Prague or Budapest have all the benefits of a European capital city but are better value that London, Paris or Madrid. Malta's capital Valletta is very good as well and a bit more unusual. In the next few years these places will be up there in popularity with Amsterdam, Barcelona and Frankfurt.

What are your own travel plans this year?

I'm going on holiday to Gran Canaria for two weeks and then hopefully again for two weeks in the winter to either Thailand or Mexico.

What are your tips for a successful conference?

Pints of coffee! More seriously, time management is key - we plan ahead for the clients so we all know what we'll be doing and when we'll be doing it both before and during and also after!

...and your tips for packing a good suitcase?

I roll clothes - it gives you more space and helps for ironing purposes, as they don't crease so much. Check as well if there will be an iron in the hotel room or you need to take a travel iron.

What luxury item could you not travel without?

My tablet. Even when I'm sitting by the pool on holiday I'll be messing around on it!