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Manchester Airport celebrates 80th Birthday

Manchester Airport celebrates 80th birthday
This morning saw the release of "Time Flies" a short film created by Manchester Airport to celebrate its 80th birthday.

The film tells the story of Manchester’s evolution from a single wooden hut in 1938 to it becoming the UK’s third largest airport and a key driver of global trade and tourism for the whole of the North of England.

It features memories from passengers, businesses and airport workers past and present, with the words used to narrate the footage written by famous Mancunian wordsmith Tony Walsh.

With our Head office based in the heart of Manchester, we're fortunate to have an award winning airport close by. As the largest airport outside of London, 60% of UK businesses are within a two hour drive to the airport, making it one of the most important travel hubs. 

The original 1938 route network included the exotic hotspots of Western Super-Mare, Croydon and Doncaster whereas Manchester now serves more than 220 international destinations worldwide including Beijing, Houston, Mumbai, San Francisco, Singapore and Boston.

As the airport celebrates this milestone occasion, it continues with its £1bn Transformation Programme, with the film featuring stunning aerial footage of the construction site, showcasing the scale and significance of the project.

Andrew Cowan, CEO of Manchester Airport, said: 

“Looking back over the past 80 years has made us appreciate more than ever the important role Manchester Airport has played in the lives of so many people across the North.

“We have unearthed so many stories, from people’s first time on board an aircraft, special holidays and family reunions, to husbands meeting their wives and rock stars passing through our terminals.

“There really was no better person to work with on this special project than Tony, whose words capture the sense of pride we all feel about Manchester, and the wider North, and celebrate the things we are famous for around the world.

“And there is no better time to be celebrating how the airport has developed over the years, as we look forward to creating the world-class gateway the North deserves through the largest investment in our history.”

Tony Walsh said: 

“The airport evokes so many special memories for people in the North West. It’s been an honour to spend time with the airport staff, getting to know the history and understanding the future. It's been a fascinating project and I’m really looking forward to sharing my work and highlighting the achievements of the past 80 years and no doubt evoking a few emotions too.”

The collaboration with Tony Walsh is just part of the activities planned to celebrate Manchester Airport’s 80th celebrations. Last month, the UK’s third biggest gateway announced an overview of how it would celebrate this milestone year with a huge variety of activity. Such as planting 80 oak trees (the official gift for an 80th), opening up the archives, tea parties for the local community and working with airline KLM, who had the first commercial flight from Manchester.

Video produced by Macclesfield based mediafour.

Music Credit: Music by NMBC for Rose Marley Management