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Lufthansa Group - The leading Airline Group

The Lufthansa Group comprises Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines. It is the airline group with the largest network in the world. We carry more than 100 million passengers a year and offer ideal connections throughout the world.

Together we offer our customers the best possible combination of all travel options. By harmonizing, schedules and having joint airport facilities we create a seamless travel experience.

Our fleet - big, modern and environmentally friendly

With over 620 aircraft we maintain one of the world’s largest and modern group fleet:

• The Lufthansa Group fleet consists mainly of Airbus and Boeing aircraft

• The fleet is enhanced by a variety of regional aircraft

• The right aircraft is deployed for every market and every demand

The airline group companies are also well aware of their ecological responsibility and are pushing on with the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by modernising their fleets

Our worldwide network

Together we cover a growing network of worldwide destinations

• Well-timed connections from 10 UK and Ireland airports

• Quick and easy transfers through the hubs of Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich

• Jointly serving 250 destinations in over 100 countries

PartnerPlusBenefit - rewarding your business travel

PartnerPlusBenefit is a loyalty programme that’s all about rewarding you and your company for your business travel. It is designed to make your travel budget go further, whilst giving you some great benefits along the way. Because after all your hard work, we believe you deserve to be rewarded.

PartnerPlusBenefit is the most comprehensive programme of its kind, letting you collect rewards for flying with a total of 10 airlines. And with so many flights covering well over 500 worldwide destinations, building up your BenefitPoints is easy.

Please contact your Portman Representative for more information on PartnerPlusBenefit or visit