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Top 10 tips on keeping fit whilst travelling

Top 10 tips on keeping fit whilst travelling-2
Life on the road for business travellers can play a heavy toll on health and wellbeing. Changing time zones, flight delays, long working hours can all impact your schedule and disrupt any routine you may have had planned. Since eating healthy and keeping fit are two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, we have collated our top tips on how to stay fit whilst on the go:

1. Book accommodation with an onsite gym


Our latest report on marginal gains brought to our attention the most important hotel feature travellers believed would improve their trip performance: access to a gym or physical fitness facilities. If keeping fit is something you want to do, having an onsite gym will not only help you stick to your goals, but can also improve your everyday performance and efficiency at work. A real win-win situation.


If you happen to find yourself in a hotel without fitness facilities, there are other options available to keep you on track. Apps such as Gymsurfing or PayAsUGym allow you to search for nearby facilities and book single use passes.  


2. Create your own on-the-go HIIT session


If the gym is not for you, why not dedicate just ten minutes of your time in the privacy of your own hotel room? High intensity interval training (HIIT) became a craze last year and has been hailed the perfect exercise solution for busy professionals. 


3. Don’t forget your gear


Yes, it’s an obvious one, but it’s also the most overlooked tip. Ensuring you have packed the right gear is essential when trying to keep fit whilst travelling. Not having the right shoes, swimsuit or clothing can easily be the excuse that holds you back from exercising that day.


4. Choose the stairs


It’s simple. It’s free. And most importantly, it’s effective. Not just something to consider when you’re travelling, this is a great tip for anyone working in an office.

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5. Wake up early


It may seem like a chore and I’m sure you’re groaning at the thought of an early start, but studies have shown that working out at the start of your day not only gives more energy but also encourages you to make better choices when it comes to meals throughout the day.


6. Eat the right things at the right times


Speaking of meals, eating the wrong foods or even skipping mealsaltogether can set back the hard work you’ve been doing in the gym. A lot of health experts recommend writing a list of no-go foods pre-trip and keeping it with you to remind yourself of what you should not be eating.


If you’ve got a long journey ahead, pack your own snacks. Most countries allow you to take food through security in airports and it’ll knock those cravings and reduce temptation when you have time to kill pre-flight.

top 10 fitness tips whilst travelling 3


7. Keep hydrated


Air, train and even road travel can result in dehydration, one of the biggest challenges for business travellers. Most health experts recommend drinking a full glass of water as soon as you wake on a travelling day and try to reduce the amount of caffeinated or alcoholic drinks when you’re out. If you do find yourself getting sick of water, switch to sparkling with a twist of lemon.


8. Swim, swim, swim


If you’re not a fan of the gym, swimming is an excellent way to boost your fitness. For those travelling to hot countries getting in the pool will not only get your heart pumping, but you’ll also benefit from the cool and calming effects of being in the water. Great for the mind and the body.


9. Explore your surroundings


Find yourself in a new area or city? The easiest way to explore your surroundings and maintain your fitness is on foot, go for a walk or a short jog. Some parks are actually home to urban outdoor gyms, set up by local councils and are free and easy to use. There are over 400 in the UK alone.

top 10 fitness tips whilst travelling 3


If you have a bit more time to spare why not hire a bike for the day? Or join a sight-seeing bike tour?


10. Relax


When you’re shifting from flight to flight, hotel to hotel, meeting to meeting you need to ensure relaxation features at some point in your schedule. If you are hoping to maintain optimum mental and physical health, it’s important to include rest in your routine.


Hotel experiences have evolved massively over the last few years, with many focused on offering a quality night’s sleep. Take advantage of what they offer, whether it be the right pillow, set the temperature just right or if time allows, a trip to the spa perhaps.




How do you keep fit whilst travelling? Do you stick to a routine? Or struggle to make time?