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Head of MI & Data Darren Williams at the ITM Conference 2018

Darren ITM Conference newsletter
We are excited to announce that in two weeks’ time our Head of Management Information and Data, Darren Williams, will be giving a talk at the 2018 ITM conference.

Taking place at the Macdonald Aviemore Resort, the ITM conference brings together business travel buyers and suppliers to engage with and benefit from new initiatives that are ‘changing the game.’

No stranger to coming up with new ideas, back in February we launched our new look planes, trains and marginal gains report at the Business Travel Show with Darren on hand to demo the new Clarity products and features driven by intelligent data. We looked at how sentiment analysis can give us an insight into how policy and business guidelines impact the traveller. One of the key areas of focus for travel buyers for 2018 is how to spend less but retain quality; so customer, and more importantly, traveller feedback is vital. However, we know that not all travellers want to fill in a survey. And if they do, we don’t always get the truth. 

Darren and his team looked into how we can use sentiment analysis from a much wider base of users to help provide recommendation that, when taken in conjunction with that amount of traveller feedback, give a strong wide coverage of sentiment around a product or experience. This would help us determine a best fit travel policy that takes into account the needs of the traveller as well as the company, give the company the ability to see the impact and sentiment of the travellers behind that policy throughout the lifespan of the contract, and more importantly monitor what impact any policy changes may have. 

At ITM Darren will be at session 2C where he’ll be sharing his thoughts on the impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:

‘The development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence’. 

Whether you have unwittingly conversed with a chatbot or knowingly welcomed Alexa into your home, robots are everywhere. Once used for boring and complex work, they are now ready to get social. Darren will be trying to demystify your preconceptions, apply context, provide Clarity and help stimulate thought to kick start those ideas to see how you could implement AI and robotics to benefit your organisation.