planes trains and marginal gains

Is bad business travel,

bad for business?

Planes Trains And Marginal Gains

How sentiment analysis will revolutionise measuring the cost of travel
Sentiment analysis, PTMG
Our Head of MI & Data Darren Williams believes that sentiment analysis will revolutionise how companies measure the true cost of travel. Before we get into how this can be achieved, let’s start by discussing sentiment analysis and its place in the travel industry. If applied in the right scenarios, sentiment analysis can yield a lot of benefit for TMCs and customers alike:We look to behavioural analysis to understand the motivation behind an action, and then, once we understand that motiva
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How marginal gains can be just the therapy the retail industry needs
retail therapy
Julie Jones, Retail Business Development Manager at travel management company Clarity, looks at how making nudges in behaviour can reap big rewards for retailers. Retail and travel go hand in hand. Whether you’re a multinational high street name, or a local independent, chances are you will have to travel to source your products, keep on top of your supply chain and manage manufacturing. When looking at the associated costs of corporate travel, many businesses often write it off as a
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Maintaining a work/travel balance
work travel balance
Work-travel balance can mean many things. When researching our latest report, one of the areas we looked at was how frequent business travellers manage their workload and how it affects their productivity. This is the work-travel balance context we want to address here. With millennials making up a large proportion of business travellers, there has been a noticeable shift in what they expect from a trip. Certain requirements remain the same such as quality accommodation, safety and ease of
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Top 10 long haul travel tips
long haul travel tips header image
This week, Qantas made history by launching the first direct Perth to London flight, the only direct air link between Australia and Europe. Although it will reduce the overall total travel time, it’s still a 17hour flight! Flying long haul can be daunting but with a little preparation and home comforts it's possible to leave the aircraft feeling relaxed and ready to go. To help you get through, we’ve put together our top 10 tips on how to survive a long-haul flight : 
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Why making small incremental changes adds up to great gains
Sheffield Hallam University - PTMG
Liz Wallington, Strategic Procurement at Sheffield Hallam University, shares how she has made incremental improvements that delivered significant gains when it comes to increasing efficiency, productivity and cost-saving.   We apply the concept of marginal gains to every aspect of booking business travel. This is because I know from experience that when I make a series of small changes to processes that deliver savings?" a one per cent saving here, a one per cent there?" they collectively
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Business Travel Savings: Planes, trains and marginal gains
  Can forward planning make your       business more profitable?   How can small changes add value to a 
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Sports: Can we adopt marginal gains on and off the field?
sports marginal gains travel management
With Premier League football clubs becoming global businesses, can the principle of marginal gains still be applied to the backroom and admin staff? Many elite sports clubs take into account the smallest details when preparing for a victory, such as taking their own chef to an away game, letting players have their own pillows in the hotel the night before and analysing every run, pass and tackle that players make to see whether they could have been even one per cent better at it.How can tra
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