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The hidden costs of DIY travel bookings
DIY travel bookings vs travel management company
When managing your own travel programme, there are a number of invisible costs such as the time taken to process the order, the payment system and perhaps even the expense management processes incurred. Speaking with SME organisations who have taken a DIY approach to booking travel, they usually do so without fully realising the true ‘hidden’ costs involved and often lack the expert knowledge and support when situations don’t go to plan. As part of our Hearts & Minds campaign we
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Absolute Clarity: Are expense claims worth your time and money?
Absolute Clarity Podcast Season 2 Episode 9
In this episode, we welcome Lisa Occleshaw and Darryl McGarvey from SAP Concur into the studio to talk about expenses and why so many people are failing to claim back what is rightfully theirs!Lisa and Darryl guides us through their time at SAP Concur and why they believe they have the best expenses tool in the business. We also hear some horror stories from companies who are getting it wrong when it comes to expense policies and why men claim more than women!We also discuss the recent study fro
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Go2Insight: Making the impossible, possible.
Go2Insight Travel Management Company Management Information Tool
Earlier this year, at the Business Travel Show, we unveiled a new product, aimed at changing the way Clarity utilise data. Alongside the usual reporting we wanted to add something more, something substantial that hadn’t been seen in the travel management arena before.  That was the task at hand for Clarity’s head of data and MI, Darren Williams, a man with 20 years in the business travel industry. A self-confessed geek who prides himself on making the impossible, possible. For the
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Absolute clarity: Does cutting costs really save you money?
Absolute Clarity Podcast Season 2 Episode 8
In this episode, we welcome AirSwift's procurement manager, James Lloyd, and Clarity's maestro of data and MI, Darren Williams on to the show to discuss the benefits of using a travel management company and why cutting costs doesn't always equal savings, following their recent implementation of a travel management company, AirSwift are still finding their feet when it comes to weighing up the costs of business travel. Darren, James and Kyle get into the importance of data when planning your
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Top tips on balancing comfort and efficiency when booking your trip
Top tips comfort efficiency
As our Hearts & Minds manifesto outlines, business travel should always be cost and time efficient. As a travel management company, we’ll always crunch the number to find the best fare combinations, time efficient connections and swiftest routes.  But true efficiency isn’t always about austerity, sacrificing comfort at all costs. We know a well-planned trip looks beyond the bare essentials. So we’ve put together a short guide on creating an ideal business trip: 1. 
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Absolute Clarity: That's Travelogical
Absolute Clarity Season Two Episode 6
Absolute Clarity Season 2 episode 6 has launched today. In this episode, we welcome the head of key accounts at Travelodge, Sophie Lemm, into the studio to give us the inside track on Travelodge and why they are adapting their offering to business travellers. You may have already caught Sophie on an episode of Clarity Presents with Alexandra where they discuss the relationship between comfort and efficiency. On the podcast, Kyle and Sophie discuss Travelodge's plans for further growth with
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Absolute Clarity: Life on the road
Absolute Clarity Season Two Episode 5
As we discuss the relationship between personal and business as part of our Hearts & Minds campaign, we invited Clarity Account Managers Fraser Thomson and Matt Carter onto the show so discuss life on the road. How do you maintain a work/life balance? Should you check your emails outside of work hours? How about travelling outside of work hours? From missing your children's first steps to keeping motivated while working from home, we get the inside story on what it means
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Clarity Presents: Hearts & Minds, Episode 3
Hearts and Minds Episode 3 Clarity presents
On this month's episode host Alexandra Kington invites Tim Page, Senior Director from SAP Concur onto the show. They discuss expenses and how they can impact traveller satisfaction.  Does a badly managed expense programme put your staff at risk?  What are the financial benefits of implementing an automated system? 
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5 tips for a better work life balance
Hearts and minds 5 top tips for a better work life balance
When you travel for business, it’s inevitable your personal lifestyle will be affected in some way or other. Many business travellers are aware that their jobs often come at a cost to their extracurricular activities and family life. Achieving the nirvana of work life balance is a hotly debated topic. Is it actually possible? Or is it an urban myth? As a business traveller, how do you make sure you don’t miss out on the important things in life? We’ve put together our top fi
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Is happiness just an illusion?
is happiness just an illusion
Bridging the gap between policy and preferenceThe world is changing at a breakneck pace. A new generation has joined the workforce and brought with them challenges to the system and a new way of doing things. One of the most impactful changes is the focus on individual happiness. There is a new era of the discerning employee searching for the ever elusive nirvana of work/life balance.Where does travel fit in to this? “Employee wellbeing has always been a focus for businesses and travel ma
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