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Head of MI & Data Darren Williams at the Big Data Analytics event, London

Big Data Analytics Event London

After the success of the ITM conference in Aviemore , Head of Management Information & Data, Darren Williams, will be speaking at the Big Data Analytics event in London. 


Big Data Analytics (BDA) is the UK’s premier cross-industry event that showcases all the latest data analytics, insights and any new innovations that are up and coming over the next year. With Facebook under scrutiny and new GDPR laws in place, data is and has been a hot topic for some time. According to BDA, the total amount of data being captured and stored by industry doubles nearly every year. Big data provides an opportunity for businesses to gain key insights and spot trends, helping to improve processes and stay better informed. 

With just under 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, Darren’s primary role is to help Clarity ‘get in front and stay in front’ by delivering a fresh data service underpinned by high quality data. This approach will drive greater efficiencies for customers, whilst delivering industry leading customer and supplier insights.

Darren will be speaking during the first session of the BDA programme, centred around extracting value, insights and meaning from enterprise data. 

His talk ‘Transformation of the traditional’ will go into how Clarity is moving on from old school reporting mechanisms and how creative use of our analytics platform enables us to carry out operations solutions internally and more importantly, for added value services and offerings for our customers and suppliers. 

Darren will share how his team leverage social media, crime data and geographical resources to bring insight and savings for our clients as part of our best practice. 


Click here to watch Darren's interview with Disruptive at the event: