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Absolute Clarity: Not another GDPR show!

Absolute Clarity GDPR

With GDPR set to launch in nine days time, we thought we'd jump on the compliance bandwagon and dedicate this week's Absolute Clarity podcast show to GDPR.

Joining us on this week's show are two of Clarity's most knowledgeable experts on GDPR (and the only ones who aren't sick of talking about it, yet!) Owen Coombes, group head of IT compliance and our head of marketing and communications, Alexandra Kington.

From understanding GDPR, to how Clarity have adapted to ensure best practice we guide you through the maze that is data protection and compliance while getting to the bottom of what people really want to know about GDPR.

In the second half of the show, the guests discuss the most common questions facing businesses from the 25th May and beyond, such as:

- Can I contact someone using the details on their business card? 
- Do we still have to comply with GDPR if we're leaving the EU?
- Can I still purchase email lists? and more!

And as usual, the show is rounded off with host Kyle Daniels delving into the guests first, worst and best travel segment!

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