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Absolute Clarity: Duty of care, what it means to employers and employees

Dut of Care, Absolute Clarity
Reports last year found that a high proportion of business travellers remain nervous about international travel risks. Duty of care has remained a hot topic over the years, especially within business travel policies and procedures.

In this week’s episode of Absolute Clarity, we discuss the importance of duty of care, the pros and cons of tracking and how traveller safety is not the responsibility of one person or organisation. 

Our host, Kyle Daniels, welcomes special guest Nicola Lomas, Director of Travel Partnerships at International SOS.

Joining her from Clarity are Darren Williams, Head of Management Information and Will Murray, Product Development Manager. Together they discuss the importance of creating a seamless trip and the difficulties companies face in communicating with and educating business travellers on subjects such as risk.

Nicola also shares a first-hand experience of arriving in Las Vegas on the night of the Las Vegas shooting last October, and recalls the process of how she reported her safety back to her employers.

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