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A travel management perspective on travel tracking

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It was clear from the Business Travel Show last week, travel risk management is now a major feature of our industry and we are looking forward to watching the evolution of new and innovative products on offer as the year presses on.


The scope of travel risk management is wide but we see how the terrible 2017 attacks in Manchester and London shaped organisational response. Our observations noted the initial focus is to develop the ability to quickly view where your employees are and communicate with them in the case of an incident.


Travel management companies have a definite role to play here. Clarity for instance, have a dedicated Travel Alerts team who promptly communicate disruption and incidents 24/7 to our client base (follow us on @Clarity_tm) and proactively contact and support affected travellers. Travel managers also need to be clear and authentic about exactly how we can help, especially for high risk global travel. For example: to ensure we have access to in-country support we work with the best specialised risk management providers.


Considering duty of care responsibility lies with the employer, many organisations now access technology that give them direct access to their traveller whereabouts; broadly termed as “travel tracking”. At Clarity, we are no different and offer our own travel tracking product, Go2Track.


Why should we track travellers? 

“Tracking” conjures images of beeping computer screens (why do computers always beep in action films?) and snooping satellite cameras which can unnerve some travellers. The focus is not on watching you eat your dinner but rather using relevant available travel itinerary details, email and mobile to populate details on a secure website for your Travel or Security Manager. For real time whereabouts, travellers can also transmit GPS location via the Go2Mobile app.


From our point of view, we see it as a positive that your employer wants to check you’re ok and safe. It’s important not to forget that travellers have a responsibility to do their part too. Such as providing contact details and following safety advice given.


Our most recent Absolute Clarity podcast discusses the issues around duty of care, focusing on what it means both to the employer and the employee. Featuring special guest Nicola Lomas, Director of Travel Partnerships at International SOS, alongside our panel of experts, they discuss the pros and cons of tracking and share first hand experiences.


Our job at Clarity is to securely provide data insight for the employer (via Go2Track) and make it beneficial for the traveller (Go2Mobile app). We’re especially proud of how our innovative open return management in Go2Mobile will allow Travel Managers to accurately view employee rail travel, even on open return bookings.


We’re sure this won’t be the last time we’ll be discussing duty of care, but we’re glad that over the last few years we’ve made good head way into creating bespoke products that can deliver what is required right now.



Author: William Murray, Product Development Manager


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